Five Nights at Freddys 4 App Reviews

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Très très bon

Très très bon

Fnaf 4

Muito bom

So good but...

In the extra there is no jumpscares and no 20/20/20/20 mode plz add the into the game and I give the 5 stars

Mt bom

O melhor FNAF bons sustos !


Eu acompanho a série de five nights at fredds faz tempo e até agora pra mim esse é o melhor fnaf

Fnaf4 best Game

Five Nights at freddys 4 best Game Ever !!! Scott Cawnthon is the best Game Maker Ever :)

Great Game ! Minigames ?

It is a lot of fun and scary. But where are the deathminigames?


Thank you Scott... Thank you very much

Better than the 3rd one!

This one is just great and the jumpscares get me every time :D

Please Halloween edition

Good but i will the Halloween Edition on My iphone play

Good, but...

Make the sounds louder because its almost impossible to hear the breathing. Please enhance the audio.

Awesome but not scared

Scott I agree this is a pretty epic game but its not scary. It may just be the fact I muted my iPad. Its still one of the best games you made and I love the perspective. Keep working on it.....


This game is the BEST but I cant get past night 2 because it keeps on trolling me, but awesome game Scott keep up the good work


I like the pc version better but this still deserves credit. For all the people who say this game is crashing the description was very clear.


This is the best Ive seen yet hope FNaF world comes soon though

Fun game to play with friends, but needs some improvements

Please make this game HD quality and also make the breathing louder. Thanks!


Best of all and super scary

Breathing needs to be louder

Scott,Can you make the breathing louder?The game is scary


I love it 5stars yeah 10/10

Best game ever

Its a nice horror game and all that but the only thing I dont like is that the breathing needs to be louder

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